Florida Home Study Services

Florida Home Study Services

Florida Home Study Services

Florida Home Study Services

Nightlight does not provide home studies or adoption services in Florida. We do provide:

1.  Referrals to adoption agencies and home study providers

2.  Snowflakes® adoption services

3.  International adoption services


For a home study in Florida, please contact:

Tallahassee: Lisa Moody


Orlando: America World Adoption


Winter Garden: Megan White


Naples: Amazing Grace Adoptions



Nightlight Christian Adoptions took custody of the files for Florida Home Studies, www.flhomestudies.com, a previous adoption agency in Florida.  If you have questions about your file for FLHS you may give us a call.  We do not currently have an office in Florida.  While we can assist Florida residents with embryo adoption, international adoption, we are not providing home study services in Florida. It is our intention to open an office in Florida in the future.  Calls to FLHS are currently being directed to our South Carolina office.  The phone number is 941-342-8189.  If you have further questions about your previous file, please contact Nightlight.  Nightlight welcomes clients from Cornerstone Adoption Services.