U.K. CollageThe Hague Convention governs adoptions between the United Kingdom and United States.

There are few adoptions between the countries and at this time, those adoptions are limited to the adoption of children by relatives in the United States. Nightlight Christian Adoptions has helped families adopt nieces and nephews who were in custodial care in the UK. US families have adopted less than 20 children from the UK over the past 5 years.

As the adoptions are currently limited to relative adoptions and both countries are governed by the Hague Convention with inter – country adoptions, there are very strict requirements that must be followed.

The child must be eligible for Intercountry adoption and meet the definition of a ‘Convention Adoptee’ (legal relinquishment of parental rights).

There is a mandatory 10-week period of custodial care that is required. The prospective parents may be required to remain in the UK for the 10-week period. However, there is precedence for part of the 10-week period being served in the prospective parent’s home. The family would be closely supervised by social workers during this period. The supervision will likely include visits by the U.K. social worker designated by the U.K. court, as well as the U.S. home study provider social worker. The family would not have guardianship during this period, as that will continue to be held by the court until the finalization of the adoption or when legal guardianship is given to the prospective parents, following the completion of the Hague requirements.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions would serve as the primary adoption service provider, working closely with the court council that holds guardianship for the prospective adoptive child.

It is critical that the prospective adoptive parents do not take any form of legal guardianship until completion of the adoption under U.K., U.S. laws and Hague Regulations.

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United Kingdom Adoption Program Details:

  • Children will be 6 months of age and older
  • Adoptive parent age restrictions will be determined by the agency
  • Referral time will be an estimated 12-24 months
  • This program is open to the adoption of relatives only

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