Taiwan adoption

Taiwan adoption


Nightlight’s Taiwan Adoption program is much like adopting a child who has become available here in the U.S. You will receive pictures and a thorough report on your child. Nightlight is contracted to work with the Chung Yi Welfare Foundation, which in November 2012 Chung Yi was once again accredited to place children internationally. Chung Yi cares for children in a modern orphanage or through foster families. Because Taiwan is a modern country, children are given good medical care as well as therapies if the child is developmentally delayed.


In Taiwan we work with individual orphanages which are supported by individual foundations. All are private, supported by donations coming through the specific foundation. Children are placed in the orphanages because they are relinquished by their birthparent(s) or because they are removed from the birthparent(s) care. It is possible to adopt boys or girls and in some cases siblings are available. They range in age from about 2 years to teenagers. Sibling groups may be available.


Adopting parents must be at least 20 years older than the child they are adopting and in most cases not older than 55. The upper age limit has some flexibility when the couple is adopting an “older” child. Couples must have been married at least 2 years and be in good health.


There are two programs for those adopting from Taiwan: one for families who would like to adopt a non-special needs child of 2-5 years of age and one for families who are open to adopting an older child or one with some special needs. If a family would like to adopt a non-special needs young child, the length of time to adopt is approximately two to three years. The family will complete their home study with Nightlight or an approved home study agency in their state if they do not live in a state where we are licensed. The home study will be sent to Taiwan and the family will wait for a referral. If a family is willing to adopt an older child or a child with special needs, they may make a decision on a waiting child that Nightlight will have information on. All families will need to compile a dossier for the orphanage (which will be reviewed by a panel from the foundation supporting the orphanage), and all must file with U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services (CIS). In Taiwan, the child’s U.S. visa will be processed by the American Institute in Taiwan, AIT, as there is no U.S. Embassy in Taiwan. If the family agrees that the child they have been matched with is the one they would like to adopt, the official proceedings take place. Waiver of Preliminary Trip form must be signed if the family chooses not to travel to meet the child before the adoption proceedings take place. The official adoption proceedings take about 6-8 months to complete; then the family will be able to travel to Taiwan to finalize their adoption.


After the court proceedings have taken place, the family travels to Taiwan to register the adoption with the Taiwan government and obtain the child’s U.S. visa from AIT. This trip will take approximately 1 week.


The costs for an adoption from Taiwan are detailed in the Fee Schedule. We make every effort to give you a realistic budget to avoid surprises. However, variations may result from differences in homestudy costs (if you live outside of Southern California, Colorado, or South Carolina) and travel costs (depending on the season you travel, additional sightseeing you wish to do, and any upgrades in air and hotel accommodation you may desire).The program fee for a Taiwan adoption is $25,250. Additional estimated expenses of $6,700 – $10,100 will bring the total cost to approximately $32,000 – $35,500. If you receive the full tax credit of $13,170, then your fees and expenses can be as low as $18,800. Also, if you adopt a sibling group of two, you may receive up to $26,340 in the tax credit. For each additional sibling, the tax credit/refund can be increased by $13,170. This may mean that the cost of your adoption could be nearly paid for by the tax credit. This will usually take a few years to recoup these credits. . In addition, your out-of-pocket expenses may further be reduced if you receive scholarships or other employer-provided adoption benefits.

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Taiwan Adoption Program Details:

  • Program cost will range from $32,000- $35,000
  • Children will be 5 years of age or older
  • Parents applying for the program must be Under 55 years old
  • Referral time for the Taiwan program is typically 24 months

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