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Fertility Clinic Donation Programs Enhanced by Snowflakes Partnership

For almost 20 years the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program has worked with clinics to help their patients realize the dream of having a baby – a snowflake baby! We also help your patients with remaining embryos make a directed donation to the family of their own choosing. Fertility clinics experience many benefits by working with the Snowflakes team. Give your patients each option and every hope by participating with Snowflakes embryo donation and adoption services.

  • Snowflakes staff manage the embryo donation and adoption program, not your clinic.
  • Required FDA Screening & Testing managed by Snowflakes, not your clinic.
  • All embryos are eligible for donation through the Snowflakes directed donation program.
  • New patients are referred to your clinic bringing you new revenues.
  • Reduces clinic paperwork and future liabilities of your clinic.
  • Your clinic can maintain control of embryo/birth statistics by keeping donated embryos in-house.
  • Reduces embryo storage at your clinic.
  • Snowflakes provides direct educational assistance to your clinic’s patients regarding embryo disposition choices/storage options.
  • Legal contracts provided and managed by Snowflakes, not your clinic.
  • Personalized, unbiased matching services for clinic patients provided by Snowflakes
  • Future communication between donors and adopters is the responsibility of Snowflakes, not your clinic.
  • Historic records maintained and stored by Snowflakes for future communication and medical needs between the donor and adopter.

Snowflakes allows your clinic to focus on what is does best – practice medicine! Let Snowflakes take care of the social and emotional elements that are an important part of your patient’s infertility journey. We have the experience and expertise. Our program is simple and successful.

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