We’re glad you are interested placing your embryos for adoption with the family of your choosing! Rest assured that Nightlight is willing to accept all embryos regardless of the quantity or ‘quality’ of your embryos. When you call, we’ll give you an overview of the program, and you’ll have opportunity to ask your questions – and get answers!

We want to keep your information in our database accurate and avoid duplicate records as you move forward in the process. Sometimes, you may be calling us, sometimes your partner will be calling us. There are three basic pieces of information about you that will help us avoid creating duplicate records!

  • You’d be surprised how many people have the same name! What is your First, Middle and Last Name?
  • Email addresses are unique. What is a consistent and reliable email address we can use?
  • The telephone is a great way for us to communicate – that’s why you’re about to call us! What is a consistent and reliable phone number for you?

Answers to these three questions are also needed from every new placing parent family:

  • How did you first learn about Snowflakes? If you Googled us, try to recall what motivated you to do so: Advertising? A story your heard in the media? A friend referred you? Your doctor recommended us?
  • People apply to our program for many reasons. Why are you interested in placing your embryos through Snowflakes?
  • How many embryos do you have to place and what year were they frozen? Where are your embryos currently stored?

Ready to start the process of placing your embryos for adoption? Call our knowledgeable Snowflakes Inquiry Specialist today!

Jen Grams
970-663-6799 x126