Dear Expectant Parent(s),

When I was a senior in high school, one of my friends found out that she was pregnant. She was in a difficult situation because she did not want a baby at that stage of her life. She came to me and asked what I would do if I were in her place. I asked if she had considered adoption. Together, with my mom’s help, we found an adoptive family which gave her little boy a wonderful home. That was my first experience with adoption.

My second experience with adoption is beginning now. My husband Scott and I met each other at church and got married in March of 2000. We both loved kids and expected that we would have a family of our own someday. After a few years of unsuccessful pregnancy attempts, we sought  Scott and Jenny Indy Pass bikehelp from medical professionals. We discovered that I had endometriosis, and while it wasn’t preventing me from becoming pregnant, it wasn’t helping either. During my last attempt to get pregnant, I became so sick from the endometriosis that I decided I didn’t want to try anymore. My niece was born a few months later and that is when I began to seriously think about adopting a baby.

Scott and I live in a small town in the Colorado mountains. In the summer, we enjoy being outdoors while biking, hiking, and hanging out in our backyard. In the winter, we spend a lot of time cross country skiing under the deep blue Colorado sky. We live in a neighborhood with lots of other families and young children. There is a small neighborhood park around the corner and another bigger park just a short walk away with a playground, ball fields, tennis and basketball courts, a BMX course, and a dog park. We can walk to the grocery store, movie theater, bowling alley, frozen yogurt shop, and a large variety of restaurants and shops.

I am a figure skating coach and teach with the local skating club year round. I also help out with teaching elementary school children how to cross country ski in the winter. My schedule is somewhat flexible and will allow me to spend a lot of time each day with our child. Scott has worked a few different jobs over the years including construction and working at a cross country ski shop. He just began a new job as a detention officer in a neighboring county. He is looking forward to having a steady income to provide for his family.

We would love to meet with you, if that is your desire. We are open to whatever form of communication you are most comfortable with. We understand that you are facing a difficult decision. We are praying for you and we are here to help.

Forever Grateful,

Scott & Jenny

Adoptive Family at a Glance

Father’s Name: Scott Mother’s Name: Jenny
Occupation: Detention Officer Occupation: Figure Skating Coach
Education: Masters in Christian Education Education: Associates in Business Administration
Religion: Christian Religion: Christian
Date of Birth: September 25, 1967 Date of Birth: May 3, 1973
Ethnicity: Caucasian Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’7” Height: 5’7”
General Health: Excellent General Health: Excellent

Date of marriage: March 11, 2000

Children: Waiting for our first child.

Interest and Hobbies: Spending time outdoors (running, hiking, bike riding, skiing) and relaxing at home; Jenny – reading and watching movies; Scott – internet research.

Home: We own a single family home in a small town neighborhood in Colorado. It has 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, and a large fenced-in backyard. There are multiple playgrounds within walking distance. Several other families live in our neighborhood and the children are often riding bikes together in the summer and sledding with each other in the winter.

Pets: Two cats, Maya and Willy

Finances: Scott works full-time as a Detention Officer and Jenny works part-time as a figure skating coach. We are financially secure and live within our means.

Why are you interested in building a family though adoption: We are choosing adoption as the method to build our family because we have experienced many years of infertility.

Openness to Birth parents: We are open to any contact that the expectant parent(s) choose. It could simply be exchanging photos and emails or it may include regular visits. We want everyone involved to feel comfortable in the relationship.

Childcare Plans: Jenny’s work schedule is somewhat flexible and she does have the option of bringing our child to work with her. Jenny works for several families who would love to help out with watching a little one. We also have friends who would help with childcare when needed. It is our desire to keep our child out of daycare.

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you need more information about us, or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight toll-free at 866-832-3678.