Nightlight proudly announces the launch of its Romania adoption program.

Romania collage“You and I are Romanian citizens, and we have heard of the thousands of children living as orphans in our native country.

For the last decade, these children could only hope for adoption, because Romania prohibited adoption to foreign countries. But now, adoption has became a real possibility for families where at least one adoptive parent is a Romanian citizen.

Unfortunately, this rule does limit the number of prospective parents. But Romanians like us have close ties to our native country, a strong connection to these children, and a close-knit community here in the US. So we know that even if the number of parents allowed to adopt these children is small, it is enough.

Romanian adoptions were closed to people outside Romania for over 10 years due to imperfections in the adoption system. Let’s show Romania that we are still worthy of their trust and that their children could be ours as well. We are fortunate the Romanian Government has revisited this issue despite international and national controversy and it has (since April 2012) arrived to the understanding that the number of Romanian adopted children must increase for the benefit of the children, the shorter their stay in an institutionalized environment, the higher their chance of success. While adopting internationally one should always consider maintaining the child’s original culture, which is so easy for Romanians leaving outside Romania, we are still proud of our heritage and language and Romanian culture comes easy to us, we leave it daily anyway. Romanian children would not feel lost when they arrive in United States, we speak their language, we cherish their values and have embraced their culture when we were born, not only in a quick preparation for their arrival. Welcome Home our children!”

–Alina, Adoptive mom from Romania

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Congratulations to the Kleinhenz Family who just completed their adoption from Romania. God Bless your new family!

To learn more about adopting from Romania, you may contact us, call our office at (970)663-5501, or directly email our Romania coordinator, Kate Feeback, at

Romania Adoption Program Details:

  • Program cost will range from $30,465 – $34,115
  • Children will be 3 years of age or older
  • At least one adoptive parent should hold a Romanian passport
  • No more than 45 years between the age of the parent and the child

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