“A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling” (Psalm 68:5, NIV).Nightlight has sponsored and welcomed over five hundred children during our twenty years of orphan tours. These children have come from Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, and China. Orphan tours remain the most effective means of finding loving parents for waiting children. More importantly, they raise awareness about the needs of orphaned children, and experience the love of a host family. Another added benefit of the tour is the cross-cultural experience that the children and the host families gain, and the goodwill created between the two countries.Hosting a child from an orphanage overseas is a rewarding and enlightening experience for everyone involved. Every year Nightlight brings children to the United States. Please consider participating in the Orphan Care Summer Tour program as a host family next year.


Colombia Summer Hosting

colombiaYour next step in hosting is to contact us.  For more information on hosting and adopting from these countries, call Renae at 970-663-6799 or email renae@nightlight.org


Take a look a the kids coming from Colombia Summer 2017 with KidSave.  View the flyer with profiles of the kids here.

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Ukraine Summer Hosting

Ukraine orphans, ages 9-13, have been invited to stay with families in the US for three weeks this summer. This program, sponsored by Every Child Has A Name, is offered to provide children who live in orphanages and group homes the enriching experience of life in a family setting while visiting the United States, as well as having the opportunity to learn English. Most importantly, we hope that through their experience, they are exposed to the light of Christ. For more information on hosting and adopting from Ukraine contact info@nightlight.org or call (970) 663-6799.

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If you have already signed up to host with another organization, and just need a host report or mini-home study, we can help. Our fee is only $300. Email Rhonda for more information: rhonda@nightlight.org

*Excluding Colorado due to state regulations.

Past Summer Tour Videos

2003 Summer Tour

2005 Summer Tour

“My name is Luba Ledri and I was adopted from Russia three years ago. I came to America when I was twelve years old in 2009. Russian folk dancing has helped me keep in contact with others who share my culture while I am also assisting Nightlight Adoption Center. The Nightlight Ensemble is a group of adopted Russian children who perform in front of an audience in many churches and other places like Disneyland. We promote our culture and adoption of older children from orphanages in Russia. Currently, I am helping Nightlight Adoption Center but I want to do more for my community, country and the world. I am hoping to get into this awesome National Honor Society program to make a difference in not only my life, but others, too.”