Kyrgyzstan adoption

Kyrgyzstan adoption

Kyrgyzstan Adoption

Kyrgyzstan Adoption: Kyrgyzstan was part of the former Soviet Union. It is located south of Kazakhstan and is now an independent republic. The capital city is Bishkek. If you are considering adopting from Kyrgyzstan please read the following information as required by the Hague Convention on International Adoptions.

Nightlight Christian Adoptions offers full adoption services for families interested in adopting children from Kyrgyzstan.

Children Available

Children may be of Kyrgyz (Mongol and Turk) or Russian ethnic background. The children are believed to be Kyrgyz, Kyrgyz/Russian mix and Russian. Children available are 12 months of age and older.

The Kyrgyz government provides referral information to registered families. With your child referral, you will receive a photo and a brief social/medical history available for the child. We will provide you with as much information as we are able to obtain on a child, however, there will never be as much information on a child’s background as we would like. The medical information is more critical for evaluating a baby for adoption since this is essentially all of the information available. As a child gets older their character, personality, temperament and intelligence become more important.


Married couples or single women may apply to adopt from Kyrgyzstan. We require that the adopting parents be no more than 45 years older than the child, although this requirement may be relaxed somewhat in the case of older children. The parents must be in good health. Questions as to the number of other children in the family and other considerations are evaluated on a case by case basis depending on the characteristics of the child sought for adoption. The orphanage director, the adoption officials or the court may impose other restrictions as they consider necessary or advisable.


It generally takes approximately 9-12 months to complete the adoption process. First, you will need to complete your home study, file for USCIS approval and prepare your dossier for Kyrgyzstan (about 3-5 months). Kyrgyz law requires the family to make a trip to the country to verify selection of a child and fulfill a mandatory 10-day bonding requirement. Both parents will then return to U.S. Approximately 6-8 weeks later, you will return to Kyrgyzstan for your adoption court hearing. It is possible just for one parent to travel. This trip is about 3-4 days. After the court hearing, it takes 30 days for the court ruling to be finalized. You will need to return to Kyrgyzstan approximately 4-5 weeks later to finish the adoption process and bring your child home. This third trip is normally 10-12 days in duration, including a short trip to Almaty, Kazakhstan (about a 4-hour drive from Bishkek) to obtain an immigrant visa at the U.S. Embassy. You are able to fly home directly from Almaty.

Post Adoption

Once you return home, you will need to immediately register your child’s passport with the Kyrgyz Embassy (we will provide you with instructions). At this time, Kyrgyzstan requires 4 post adoption reports over a period of three years. Along with several pictures these reports will be sent to the orphanage staff and officials for receipt in Kyrgyzstan, allowing them to see your child’s adjustment into your family and life in the United States. (Please be prepared to be flexible as government requirements for post adoption reports occasionally change and you will be expected to fulfill the most recent requirement.)


The program fee for an Kyrgyzstan adoption is $25,000. Additional estimated expenses of $16,845 – $19,845 will bring the total cost to approximately $41,845 – $44,845.Your out-of-pocket expenses may further be reduced if you receive scholarships or employer-provided adoption benefits. Exhibit A of our contract lists all fees and estimated costs for the Kyrgyzstan program. Please call (970-663-6799) or e-mail Kate Feeback,, with any questions.

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Kyrgyzstan Adoption Details

  • Program cost is $25,000
  • Children will be 12 months of age or older
  • Adoptive parents age requirements to be no more than 45 years older than the adopted child
  • Married couples and single women may apply
  • It will take between 9-12 months to complete the adoption process
  • Three trips to Kyrgyzstan are required

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