Dear Expectant Birthparent(s), 084

We can’t begin to understand all you are going through and the difficult decisions you are processing right now.   Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile.  We pray you experience great peace in whatever decisions you feel led to make.

photoWe are Klint and Jerilyn. We met in college and have been married for over 10 years.  Both of us grew up in small towns in central Iowa and now reside happily in southern California, where we also have family living. Together we enjoy walking at the beach, spending time with family, reading, watching movies, sports and teaching classes at our church.  Klint works as a business manager for a sand and gravel company and Jerilyn is a nutritional consultant.

Currently, we have no children but have had hearts to adopt since before we were married.  Over the years we have grown in our relationship with each other and desire to share the great love we have with a child.  We have prayed about this decision for some time and are grateful we feel God strongly leading us to adopt and couldn’t imagine growing our family any other way. IMG_5137

We have strong support from friends and family living close by. Our neighbors, church, family members and friends all have young children. Ultimately, we want what is best for the child God places in our care and that they know daily how loved they are by all their parents.

Klint & Jerilyn


Adoptive Family at a Glance

Father’s Name: Klint Mother’s Name: Jerilyn
Occupation: Business Manager Occupation: Nutrition & Fitness Consultant
Education: BA in Business Management &                                  Finance Education: BA in General Sciences &      Nutritional Consulting Certification
Religion: Christian Religion: Christian
Date of Birth: 9/13/81 Date of Birth: 1/15/82
Ethnicity: Caucasian Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Black Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue Eye Color: Blue
Height: 6′ Height: 5′ 9″
General Health: Excellent General Health: Excellent

Date of marriage:  September, 2004

Children:  None

Interests and hobbies:  Taking walks, exercising, golfing, reading, spending time with family, going to the beach, volunteering & teaching classes at our church. Klint: basketball, scuba diving, & hiking. Jerilyn: cooking, writing, refinishing furniture & having coffee with friends.

Home: We live in a spacious 2-bedroom home in a wonderful, diverse family neighborhood with lots of room to play outside and several parks nearby.

Pets:  None

Finances:  We are financially secure with no debt and live within our means.

Why are you interested in building your family through adoption?  We discussed and have had hearts to adopt even before we were married.   Adoption is the way God is leading us to build our family and we are grateful to hopefully share the deep love we have with a child someday.

Openness to birthparent(s):  We desire a relationship that everyone is comfortable with and are willing to develop an open relationship that is best for the child and honoring to the birthparent(s) through pictures, letters, phone calls or visits.

Childcare plans:  Jerilyn will stay home during the day..

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you need more information about us, or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight toll-free at 866-832-3678.