Dear Birth Mother,

Pic for websiteWe know you have a lot to think about and many people to consider in making this choice for your child and your family.  We have compassion for the emotional journey you are walking as we can only imagine the road is a long one.  We want you to know that any decision you make for your child we fully support it.  We have faith a solution for both your and your child’s needs, will be found.

My name is Tammy and my husband’s name is Kevin.  We met in the summer of 1991 and were married in the fall of 1992 in a beautiful ceremony surrounded by our family, faith, and friends.  We have been married for 22 years and love each other more today than we did yesterday.  We cherish every moment of our time together and feel very blessed to have found one another.  Our individual characteristics and personalities joined together on our Wedding Day to become a couple who are very loving, caring, faithful, and family-oriented.

After we married, we bought a nice little home and wanted to begin our family.  We tried to have children of our own, but due to circumstances out of our control we were unable to conceive.   When we were unable to become pregnant we tried fertility treatments without success.  However we never gave up the dream of expanding our family so God led us to a new dream, a dream to Adopt.

Pic 2 for website (2)We understand the choice you are making as my family made an adoption plan of placing my brother with my Aunt and Uncle.  My mother and father were both young and my oldest brother was born with a hole in his heart.  When my second brother was born there were still many medical complications with my older brother. Due to their young age, my oldest brother’s medical complications, and financial struggles my parents made the adoption plan for my brother.  This choice was not to ease my parents struggle, but for the well-being and the love they had for my brother as they knew he would be loved as one of their own.  As my mother always says my brother had the best of both worlds, someone who loved him enough to put his needs first and someone who loved him enough to adopt him and welcome him into their home.  Everyone put his needs before their own when making the choice of adoption.

Your choice will make a difference in many lives especially your child’s.  Your child will grow up in a quaint scenic neighborhood with tree-lined streets where lots of events are focused on children like Family Fun Day, Easter Egg Hunt, Pool Parties, Community Picnic, and at Christmas we have a community gathering to celebrate the season.  Our community is very active with tons of things for children and families to do.  Besides community events there are several playgrounds, nature trails, and ponds.

We once heard someone say in a very poetic setting “This is my story, your story, and most of all it is His Story”.  We believe there is a reason we could not have children on our own that God chose your story, our story to make “His Story”.   We believe being a parent wasn’t just about bearing a child it was all about giving that child its life.  As someone once said “children are never really ours, they are just entrusted to us for a time by God”.   We believe that God led us to adopt to not only tell my story, your story, but most of all, the child’s story.  For every story is “His Story” after all.

Hackman_Kevin_and_T_Photos_of_Family-3We understand the choice is being made out of the love you have for your child.  A choice that will affect not only you and your child, but us as well.  You opened your heart to share the most blessed gift one could give, the gift of life.  We open our hearts and our arms to receive the most precious gift one could ever receive, a child of our own.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our story with you and maybe after this letter we can share your story if we are blessed enough to be your child’s adoptive parents!


Tammy & Kevin

Adoptive Family at a Glance

Father’s Name: Kevin Mother’s Name: Tammy
Occupation: Technical Support Manager Occupation: Sr. Client Service Associate
Education: Associates Degree Education: Some College Courses
Religion: Christian Religion: Christian
Date of Birth: 08/08/1970 Date of Birth: 06/23/1965
Ethnicity: Caucasian Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 6’3” Height: 5’3”
General Health: Good General Health: Good

Date of marriage: 10/03/1992

Children: None

Interest and Hobbies: Nascar, Golf, Sports, Poetry, Reading, Genealogy, Crafting, Home Decorating, Movies, Traveling, Outdoor activities from parks to gardening in yard.

Home: Own two story single family home, Traditional Craftsman in style, painted and decorated in neutral tones.  .

Pets: None at the moment.

Finances: Stable and secure.

Why are you interested in building a family though adoption: We have tried to conceive naturally, but have not been able to have a child of our own.  Through adoption we can create a family of our own and give a child a warm loving home.

Openness to Birth parents: Semi-Open communication, via pictures, letters.

Childcare Plans: Both plan to take time off work initially.  Possible for Tammy to stay home ongoing or reduce to part time to reduce day care time.

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you would like more information about us, would like to view our family profile book, or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight toll-free at 866-832-3678.