Pregnancy Counselor

Text or Call: 970-689-2738

Favorite Adoption Story: My favorite adoption story would have to be about my little boy, Isaiah, whom I adopted from South Sudan in 2009. I was working in a medical clinic in South Sudan when he was brought to us with severe meningitis. Isaiah who was 13 months old at the time, was living on the streets with his 9 year old sister Rose, and they had lost both parents to AIDS only a month after Isaiah was born. Isaiah was HIV positive from birth and as a result of it going untreated for so long, he passed away shortly after I adopted him. When I first met Isaiah he was extremely unhappy, malnourished, and had never experienced joy or laughter. Isaiah, though only 1 year old, showed obvious indicators of neglect, distrust, anger, and an absence of love. I was privileged to spend 4 months with Isaiah and in my short time of loving and caring for him I saw God’s love transform this child from an angry, distrusting, and hurting little boy into a loving, playful and joyful little boy. It taught me about the power of love and how important it is for every child to know that they are loved, accepted, and worthy. Though this story has a tragic ending, it’s beautiful because Isaiah was able to know and experience love, self-worth, acceptance, and joy before he left this earth. It is now my objective, hope, and aspiration that every child will have a loving home and family and will know they are unconditionally loved because nothing is more transforming and powerful than LOVE.

Education: I graduated with my Masters degree in Social Work

Responsibilities: As the birth parent counselor, I meet with individuals and couples who are interested in making an adoption plan. I counsel them through the process, matching birth parents with adoptive parents, creating hospital plans, and providing support for each family. I work with both families until the adoption is finalized.