HostkidsHow can 3 weeks change a life?  Consider hosting a child from China by inviting him or her into your home this summer.  These children are in desperate need of a host family.  They are orphans, available for adoption, and desire an opportunity to experience a typical American family life.  You can offer that opportunity!  As a host family, you can care for these children and show them an unconditional love they may have never experienced.  Imagine the fun you will have as you and your community share with them the joy of new learning experiences.  While learning to appreciate the concept of family and taking part in various activities, they will absorb English, you will acquire Mandarin and everyone will gain appreciation of cultural differences.  At the end of three weeks, you may be amazed at whose life was transformed most.

If you are interested in learning more about hosting, our Hosting Information Packet covers the program in detail. If you have further questions, please feel free to email Dana Woods Poynter or Stephanie Muth.


The travel dates for the China Summer 2016 host program are July 16, 2016 through August 3, 2016.

Who Can Host

Parents from Kentucky, South Carolina, and other states in the Southeast and Midwest who will be at least 29.5 years old when the child comes to the United States are welcome to host.  Most families can qualify as long as they have a record clear of child abuse, domestic violence, and major criminal offenses.

Ideally, a family should be interested in adopting and meet the requirements to adopt from The People’s Republic of China.  If you are unfamiliar with China’s requirements for adopting families, please view our China Adoption page or contact our agency.  Families who may not be ready to adopt but who are willing to actively introduce the child to the community and other potential adoptive families are also highly desired as host families. Ky SC and other states in the southeast and Midwest.

Hosting Expenses

While participating in a host program is a wonderful experience for a child, it can be quite costly. For each child who is hosted from China, Nightlight is responsible for covering the $3,000 required to bring them here. Host families are asked to cover these costs for the host children.

The $3,000 hosting fee will cover:

  • $600 – Child’s passport paperwork and associated medical exams and immunizations
  • $270 – Travel to and from the airport in China, including domestic flights
  • $1,200 – Round trip airfare to the US
  • $400 – Domestic US flight(s) to the airport near the host family
  • $180 – Travel and medical insurance, translators, and extra travel expenses
  • $350 – Home inspection and host parent education and training

All expenses paid by the family can be put towards an adoption should a family decide to adopt a host child. Families are encouraged to fund raise or ask churches and/or their local communities to help them cover the remaining costs so that the child is welcomed by the entire community. Fundraising opportunities can be found on page 3 of the Hosting Information Packet. All donations toward this program will be tax deductible, however they are not refundable.

Host Family Responsibilities

A complete list of the roles and responsibilities of a host parent is included in the Hosting Information Packet beginning on page 11.  Basically, you are expected to involve the child in day to day family living within a safe and nurturing environment as well as advocate to help your host child find a permanent family.  Nightlight Christian Adoptions will be planning one fun event each week to allow host families, children and escorts to come together to share experiences.


We are uncertain about hosting a child with special medical needs, what can you tell us to make our family feel more comfortable about this? Nightlight staff has traveled to China to meet each of these children.  We have worked together with orphanage directors to carefully choose those with manageable medical needs.  Once you express an interest in a particular child, we will share with you the child’s full adoption file and any information we have learned so that you can be adequately prepared to care for the child while he or she is in your home.  Many of the children have learned to manage their own self-care therefore requiring very little assistance from the host family.

Our family doesn’t speak Chinese and the child probably does not speak English. How will we communicate? The language barrier sounds scary but you will be amazed at how much you and your host child will be able to communicate through pointing and gesturing. You will also be amazed at how quickly your host child may pick up on commonly used English phrases. With advances in technology, there are many great apps for your smartphone as well as translation software to assist in communication. Rest assured, Nightlight Christian Adoptions will have Mandarin translators available 24 hours each day throughout the entire hosting period for emergency situations and in cases where you just want to know what he or she is trying to say.

My spouse and I both work full time jobs. Can we still host a child? Yes! If you would like to open your home for hosting but both of you work outside the home, please contact Nightlight to discuss this further. We understand that most families have two wage earners. While it would not be appropriate for a teenager or young adult to care for the child while you are working, we have had “grandparents” or “aunts and uncles” take on the responsibility of child care during the day. Any adult caretaker who will be alone with the child must have a background check performed.

We would like to host a child but do not have an extra bedroom. Is this a problem? Host children are not required to have their own bedroom. They may share with another child, however, state laws require that they have their own bed.

Where do I begin?

  1. Complete the hosting application by clicking the link to your right.
  2. Download the Hosting Information Packet and sign the supplementary forms.
  3. View videos, bios and photos of children available on Adoption Bridge.
  4. Email Dana Woods Poynter with the following information: the date on which you completed the hosting application and the names of the children who you are interested in hosting.
  5. Mail the application fee of $250 to the Kentucky office of Nightlight Christian Adoptions.

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