Adopting the HIV Positive Child, Part II

Because HIV infection is so serious, and children and adults alike are more prone to other infections, keeping a child strong and healthy is very important. And because children do not have the same reserves as adults, good nutrition is especially important for them.  In poorer countries and in orphanages, where children oftentimes receive less than optimum nutrition, their bodies are further compromised and more prone to infection.

That is why in other countries, orphanages dedicated to the care of HIV positive children receive extra funding  and attention so that the children can receive the extra medical and nutritional care that they need.

If you are considering adopting an HIV positive child, most likely you are adopting a child who is a true orphan and you will truly be giving a child the gift of life. We at Nightlight will be featuring children from Eastern Europe and Africa who are HIV positive. There are certainly considerations that need be taken before you and your family decide to adopt a child who is HIV positive and you will want to be well educated regarding HIV and AIDS in general and the issues you and a and HIV-positive child will face. Continue reading

Adoption Seminars in SC, Nov. 18 & 20

Next week, our China facilitator Sabrina Chang and Russia coordinator Kate Zyubenko will be in South Carolina at two adoption seminars, one in Lake Wylie (Nov. 18) and the other in Moore (Nov. 20).

These are very special events featuring the China Special Needs Program, the Russia program, and the Ukraine/Hosting Program.

In addition to our China facilitator and Russia coordinator, we will have a panel of adoptive parents who have adopted from these programs present. Attendees will be able to ask questions to the families.

Ukraine opens up spots for adoption

We just made the following announcement on our Ukraine Adoption page:

On October 14, 2008 the Ministry for Family, Youth and Sports published official Order #3899 approving revised procedures for submission of new adoption dossiers from foreign citizens in the fourth quarter of 2008. The annual adoption dossiers quota for 2008 had previously been set at 1,453. Although all of these were booked within the first months of this year, not all of these families actually submitted dossiers. As a result, the SDAPRC (State Department for Adoptions and Protection of the Rights of the Child) has now opened the unused slots for new adoption dossiers. These slots are not an increase in the annual quota; rather they still fall under the annual limit of 1,453 dossiers. This number is not subdivided by country or by specific categories of children.

The SDAPRC resumed acceptance of new dossiers on October 14th, 2008 and will continue accepting dossiers for 2008 until November 27th, 2008.

Order #3899 includes a listing of the present number of children available for intercountry adoption, sorted by age and health condition. Please contact Carolina Hope, and we will email you the spreadsheet of the available number of children as of September 1, 2008.