Nightlight can assist US families adopting relatives from Canada. Please note that except in very rare circumstances, our Canada adoption program is for adoption of relatives.

The process is similar to other international adoptions:

  1. Complete an adoption homestudy.
  2. Prepare an I-800A form to be granted approval by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS). In the most basic terms, this process grants a pre-approval for you to bring an orphaned child into the US as a citizen.
  3. Gather documents which will go through a certification and authentication process to become your dossier. (We will help you through the certification and authentication process.) This step can be worked on concurrently with the adoption home study.
  4. Travel to Canada and complete the adoption in court.
  5. Receive citizenship for child at US embassy.

To get started, contact Rhonda Jarema in our California office (located in Anaheim Hills, CA) at or call 714.693.5437.


Home Study Completed by Nightlight Christian Adoptions (NCA) Home Study fees:Home Study fees:California: $2,500. This includes meetings with the Social Worker and completion of the home study. Home Study Updates:The fee for updates of the home study are, $1500 for a client of NCA and $2000 when NCA did not provide the home study services.
Adoption Expenses in the United States Program Fees:Program Fee: $8,000 includesAdministrative Supervision: Ongoing monitoring of the case, insuring that documents meet Hague standards; Communicating with Canadian and US officials; Facilitating the work between the countries and client. Guiding the family through the Hague/Domestic process, including supervision of home study and post placement agency. Continuing consultation post adoption is also included in this fee. Counseling fees would be on an hourly rate of $175.00 per hour.There is a home study review fee of $175 for clients whose home study was completed by an exempt or supervised provider. Education Expenses:CA – Class fees are included in the HS fee with the exception of classes taken independently of the HS and the Medical Issues class that is taught by an outside provider. The fee is $50.00 per person for the medical issues class.Home studies completed in other States by Universally Accredited/Hague Accredited agencies will have education expenses ranging from $0 to $500. Families will be required to complete the Hague required education as approved by NCA.
Finalization of the adoption The fees for an attorney to represent the family for the finalization of the adoption, range from $150.00 + per hour. It is possible to complete the adoption finalization with out the assistance of an attorney. Nightlight Christian Adoptions will provide the court report for the finalization, if NCA has completed the home study. There would be a $1500 fee for this visit and report. The prospective parents may be required to reside in Canada for a period of time to satisfy Canadian requirements. NCA will request that this requirement for bonding time in Canada be waived due to circumstances.
Care of the Child Foster care or family care as determined by the Canadian government. $0 – $5,000The prospective adoptive parents may have fees related to the medical care of the child while in their custody during the bonding period.
Document Expenses If the US Department of State requires a I-800 VISA process, the fees are as follows:$720USCIS I800A/I800 Application Fee + $85.00 per adult USCIS Fingerprinting Fee;For the US VISA, aMedical Exam may be required by a certified examiner, along with a fee for the VISA.
Post-Placement and Post Adoption Reports Canada may require post placement reports by Nightlight until finalization of the adoption or after finalization of the adoption. NCA fees: $400 per visit. The court may require additional post adoption reports. The fees for these services also range between $200-$400 per report depending on what the court requires (informal phone interview vs formal visit and report).

* Please be aware that many of these expenses are estimates based on information available at the time.

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