Bulgaria collage Nightlight Christian Adoptions Agency has been working in Bulgaria since 2006. Adopting from Bulgaria is a wonderful option in international adoption. There are children two years of age and older available as well as sibling groups available for adoption. We estimate the adoption process will take between 1 and 5 years from application to completion, depending on the type (special needs or non-special needs) and the age of the child you are seeking. Your wait time will likely be at the shorter end of this range if you are open to a special needs or older child.


Children 2 years old and older are available for adoption from Bulgaria. Most of the children are of Roma descent and have olive skin and dark hair. Sibling groups of older children and children with special needs are readily available.


The age difference between adoptive parents and a child should not be more than 45 years. This requirement can be more flexible with families adopting school-age children and children with special needs. Qualified heterosexual married couples and single women can adopt from this program.


Referrals of children are provided by the Ministry of Justice. The referral of a child will include detailed information on the  child’s medical and social background as well  pictures of the child. If you want to adopt a child under 7 years of age, the wait time for a referral is 3-5 years after your dossier is registered in-country. The wait time for children over 7 years of age and children with special needs is significantly shorter. We usually have information on several older children or children with special needs available for review at any given time.  You could be matched with one of our waiting children as soon as your home study is approved.


Once your dossier has been completed and submitted to the Ministry of Justice, you become eligible to receive a referral of a child. Once a referral is received, you will have 30 days to evaluate the child and consult with physicians. If you accept the child, then you travel in the next two months.


Only 2 trips are required for adoption from Bulgaria. Each trip is about 5-7 days in length. On your first trip, you will meet and spend time with the child you were referred. At the end of your trip, you will sign an official acceptance of the referral of the child. Your next trip to Bulgaria will be after your child’s adoption is completed and your child’s passport is obtained. You will visit the U.S. Embassy in Sofia and will have your child evaluated at the medical clinic approved by the Embassy.


The program fee for a Bulgarian adoption is $24,000. Additional estimated expenses of $13,000 will bring the total cost to approximately $37,000.Your out-of-pocket expenses may further be reduced if you receive scholarships or employer-provided adoption benefits. Exhibit A of our contract lists all fees and estimated costs for the Bulgaria program. Please call 970-663-6799 or e-mail Liana Stoddart, liana@nightlight.org, with any questions.

**Older children, over age 7 years old, and children with special needs qualify for a reduced program fee**

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To learn more about our Bulgaria Adoption Program, you may contact us, call our Colorado office (located in Loveland, CO) at (970) 663-6799, or directly email our Bulgaria coordinator, Liana Stoddart, at liana@nightlight.org.

Bulgaria Adoption Program Details:

Children will be 2 years of age or older
Adoptive parent age requirements will be determined by the agency
Referral time will be an estimated 1 to 5 years depending on the family’s openness to age, gender, and special needs.

Bulgaria is an excellent program for families open to adopting older children.  Learn more about adopting an older child HERE.

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Families that have adopted through the Bulgaria Adoption Program.

Finalization picture_Pridgen Family

Peter, Age 11. Arrived home on 12/23/2015

Ava, Age 7. Arrived home on 12/16/2015.