We are Bryn and Heather. As we sit here writing this letter our hearts are filled with a range of emotions as we can only imagine yours is as well. We know that at this time you are making several tough decisions about your future. We pray for you daily that God will give you guidance, peace, and comfort in whatever decisions you make. Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Adoption is such an amazing act and is a perfect picture of God’s selfless love for us.

We have been married for 4 years and have known each other for over 10 years. We dated for almost 3 years before we got engaged. Heather is my best friend and means the world to me. We live in a semi-urban area but are just a few minutes from the beach or the countryside. I am a manager for an up and coming grocery company and Heather is a nanny. She is an exceptionally talented pianist and fills our house with beautiful music.pic 2
We have 2 awesome dogs, Cooper and Ringo, that we enjoy spoiling and spending time with. They enjoy long walks around our neighborhood and the occasional visit to a friend’s farm for a good run! In addition to spending time with our dogs, we love spending time with our families. Heather’s family lives about 20 minutes away while my family is a little further away due to dad’s job. We were raised that our Faith was first in our lives, but our family is a very close second. We are very active in our church, from helping with the teen classes to running different aspects of the children’s programs. Both of us initially went to school to work with kids and teens, something we are still passionate about. We also love traveling together, going to the beach, and sometimes we just enjoy an evening at home watching movies together.

While we were dating, we talked about our dreams and goals for our lives. One of the dreams was having a family. Adoption has always been a desire in both of our hearts, whether we were able to conceive or not. After a little while of trying and not conceiving, we began praying and asking what was God’s plan for our lives. Immediately we felt God calling us to adoption. We did not feel paying for treatments and tests was the right thing to do when we knew God placed adoption on our hearts many years ago. Our family, church, and friends are beyond excited about our decision to adopt. They support us in every step of the way. There is no doubt your child will be loved unconditionally.


Bryn & Heather

Adoptive Family at a Glance

Father’s Name: Bryn Mother’s Name: Heather
Occupation: Sales Manager Occupation: Nanny
Education: Bachelors in Hospitality and Tourism Education: Bachelors in Elementary Education
Religion: Christian Religion: Christian
Date of Birth: May 28, 1986 Date of Birth: October 28, 1987
Ethnicity: Caucasian Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6’3” Height: 5’8”
General Health: Excellent General Health: Excellent

Date of marriage: March 18, 2011

Children: None

Interest and Hobbies: We serve in the children’s ministry in church together. Home renovations/projects, archery, traveling/sightseeing, spending time with family, and walking the neighborhood are hobbies that we share. Bryn also loves woodworking and Heather enjoys crafting.

Home: We live in a quiet and family oriented neighborhood. Our home is a one story home with 3 bedrooms and 1 and a half bath. The front and backyard is spacious.

Pets: We have 2 dogs. Cooper is a 6 year old yellow lab and Ringo is a 3 year old German Shepherd. Both have wonderful temperaments and love children.

Finances: We are financially stable and live within our means.

Why are you interested in building a family though adoption: We have always wanted to adopt. When we were unable to get pregnant, we felt like adoption is God’s plan for us.

Openness to Birth parents: We would love to build a relationship with the birth parent(s) but we are open to what makes everyone comfortable.

Childcare Plans: Heather plans stay home with the baby full time.

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you need more information about us, or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight toll-free at 888.933.2237.