Dear Birthmother,

We are often overwhelmed at the love that a birth family has…in making this plan…in loving even when things are difficult and for that we thank you. We don’t know you yet but please know that long before you read this we prayed for you. As we assembled this we prayed for you. We sincerely pray that any birthmother who views our profile God would comfort her and guide her in this most delicate decision, and you are one of these. We pray God surrounds you with people who are there for you now, holding your hand and walking with you, and if this is not the case for you please rest in the truth that God is with you now! He loves you and we are CERTAIN of that, if not anything else! We pray God gives you wisdom and find comfort in knowing He is with you even right now. God Bless!

We’d like to introduce our family to you. We are Mike and Bonnie and have been blessed through adoption with both of our daughters Emma (7) and Lily (2) We were married in June 1997 and currently live in a single family home in the suburbs.

Here is a glimpse we pray conveys our hearts most of all!

Bonnie writes: My husband Michael is a kind, fun loving man. I married him because he was so kind and made me laugh and I knew he loved me very much. He is easy to talk to and a good listener. Many people comment to me that they cannot help but feel like confiding in him. No matter where we are it seems as though he makes a personal connection with others. He loves sports and enjoys watching them, and enjoys sharing that love with the girls and I. Mike is a man that loves the Lord and has a close relationship with his family. Emma and Lily adore Mike. He gives them lots of his time and just really enjoys being with them. Mike and I are very close and enjoy talking with each other on long trips in the car, having coffee together, laughing together and talking throughout the day filling each other in on our day! Our infertility problems have made our relationship and marriage very strong, and I know we both can honestly say we are SOO thankful for our infertility because God gave us these two precious children that we adore!

Michael writes: My wife Bonnie is the love of my life. She has great attention to detail, especially to the details of others. She is always thinking about what other people would enjoy, whether it’s through hospitality, the food one might like or special gift to brighten someone’s day. She has a fantastic sense of humor and spontaneity. She is a loyal person, devoted to many aspects in her life. She is always finding creative things to do both personally and with the girls. When the weather is nice I know she’ll be outside walking or enjoying the day. She loves getting together with friends and has made great efforts in opening our home to Emma’s and Lily’s friends! Her hospitality blossoms, when people come to our home, through entertaining and visiting. No matter how busy life gets Bonnie always reaches out to all our nieces and nephews always making them know they are loved by our family and that we are here for them. She brings joy to my heart when I think of all these things. She is my best friend one whom I look forward to sharing each day with.

Emma is seven years old and, like Lily, was adopted at birth. They have been a huge blessing in our lives and we adore them. Emma is very social, and we call her the “mayor” around here. She is energetic, creative and has a wonderful imagination as well as a funny sense of humor. She loves pretending to be a doctor and has a sign up sheet on her bedroom door if we want to get checked! She loves Franklin, writing funny stories, playing with friends, pretending to be a spy and then sometimes being a spy on us but most of all loves having a little sister. Lily is a spunky, funny little two year old. Lily is a babyaholic!! She loves to play babies, watch babies…pretend that everything is a baby!! She loves books and jumping and loves food even at two! They are such happy little girls! They love getting together with their 23 cousins or our friends!

Adoptive Family at a Glance

Father’s Name: Michael Mother’s Name: Bonnie
Occupation: Banking Occupation: Stay at home mom
Education: B.S. Finance Education: B.A. History
Religion: Christian Religion: Christian
Age: 8/1973 Age: 9/1974
Ethnicity: Caucasian Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown Hair Color: Darker Blonde
Eye Color: Brown Eye Color: Green
Height: 6’0 Height: 5’5
General Health: Excellent General Health: Excellent

Date of marriage: June 28, 1997

Children: 2 Children both adopted at Birth. Emma (7) and Lily (2)

Interest and Hobbies: Walking, playing games, sports, reading books, spending time with friends and family,going to sporting events, visting historical sites, going to the zoo, taking day trips and going to the beach in the summer.

Home: Single family home, three bedrooms 2 and a half baths. A nice large yard with a swing set. Great neighborhood a good mix of older, younger and middle aged families which we love! We can walk around the corner to the high school track or catch a football game. We can walk through a trail and get to a beautiful local library where they have tons of kid activities. There is a pool at the end of our road that we have joined and can walk to. (we like that we can walk to just about anything including our church).

Pets: Suzie our two year old Maltese. Goldie the Betta fish and usually another animal the girls will adopt like another Betta….or a catapillar they will keep alive FOREVER. But if you ask Emma she says the flies are all named “buzzy”and you may not kill them!!

Finances: We are thankful that Bonnie is able to stay home and provide the home life we desire and that Michael has a good stable job even in the banking world today!

Why are you interested in building a family though adoption: 10 years ago my first response to this question would be because of infertility and that because of that the Lord has lead us in this direction. While this is not untrue ten years later, I just want to tell you that we LOVE the stories behind our daughters. Where they came from, how the Lord brought us to each of their Birthparents and so I very much look forward to that . We waited for a family to choose us for Lily for 5 years and we thought that would have to be it because we felt we were getting older…but there is this thing in our hearts… that we are to adopt one more child!

Openness to Birth parents: We would really be so thankful if you would allow us to meet you. We would love to be able to send pictues and updates and we would love to be able to help you know that this child is well, loved and cared for.

Childcare Plans:Bonnie plans to continue to stay home and care for the baby.

Type of child we wish to adopt: Newborn

Statement of Faith: Our relationship with the Lord is a vital part of our personal life and our homelife. We would not be who we are today without this and our prayer is to be given the wisdom each day to bestow on our children. The wisdom of who God truly is,what Christ did for us on the cross, and His great love for us. Our hope is to convey a message of God’s love and the grace that He gives each of us each day.

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you need more information about us, or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight toll-free at 888.933.2237.