The experts at Nightlight Christian Adoptions are trained to help families seeking adoption services become matched with a child in need who will receive a safe, secure and loving home. Nightlight provides a variety of adoption choices for you to explore.

Nightlight provides DOMESTIC ADOPTION SERVICES in California, Colorado and South Carolina. More than 2000 children have been placed into joy-filled homes through Nightlight's domestic programs. Our website provides a section for adopting parents to share about themselves with prospective birthmothers. We also provide adoptive parent support before and after their adoption.

Nightlight has INTERNATIONAL ADOPTION PROGRAMS in Eastern Europe, Central America, Africa, and Asia. Nightlight also provides international adoption services including home study services, pre-adoption education, and post-adoption support for families interested in adoption internationally in a country Nightlight does not have a program in.

In 1997, Nightlight Christian Adoptions pioneered the process of embryo adoption and created the SNOWFLAKES EMBRYO ADOPTION PROGRAM. This exciting adoption choice allows couples to donate remaining embryos and for others to adopt them and give birth to their adopted child. Over 340 babies have been born into loving families through Snowflakes.

Nightlight Christian Adoption's FOSTERING LOVE ADOPTION PROGRAM is designed for families interested in adopting an older child from the foster care system with individualized support from a private agency. This program is available in Colorado.

Orphan Care Projects and Programs

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