Dear Birthparent,
_A1D3696-3Even though we have been through one adoption experience we still find we really don’t know what to say to you except that we are praying for you as you make this decision. We pray for all of the birth parents, but when we know that someone is looking at our profile book, we pray more specifically, so even now you know you are in our family’s thoughts are prayers each evening during our family worship. Regardless of whether you choose our family, our hope is that you have clarity and peace with your decision.

We have found from our first adoption experience that birth parents have a few questions for us…

So…why would a family who has 5 children already want to adopt? To begin, we (even our kids) love kids. Also, about a year after Lilli, our 4th, was born I had some neck issues that don’t really interfere with my day to day life, but it was recommended that I not have any more children. Interestingly during the final trimester of my last pregnancy I felt very drawn to adopt. So, we paused for a while and moved from New York to be closer to Dan’s family in Minnesota. Not long after our move, Dan said it was time to adopt and about 2 years later our little Kieren came to live with us. Now we would like a sibling for Kieren who is closer to his age and who can also share his adoption experience. I can also tell you, from experience, that I LOVE Kieren 100% as much as the first 4 who are biological.

Homeschooling??? Yep…God placed it in our hearts before we had any children and we LOVE it and our kids love it. Just imagine a day with us. We get up, Mom makes a warm breakfast each morning that we all eat together around our kitchen table situated by a large window where we can see the deer and wild turkeys go by. Then we move downstairs to do school. Each of the kids does have a desk, but a lot of our one on one teaching time is down side by side on the couch or at our big table. If our kids understand their lessons and get it done quickly they might even be done by noon. If someone is having trouble we just sit down and work it out together. Of course not all days go perfectly smoothly, but I love being the one to be their to help them when they are frustrated or angry or hurt or train them with they need to be disciplined. One other thing I really like about homeschooling is being able to adjust how I teach each one to what works best for them. For instance, one of our sons just could not sit still when he was 5, but he learned his phonics with flash cards all over the floor that he would jump around and pick up and now he can both read and sit still – that was the goal, I just used a different method to start:) I have also changed curriculums to meet the differing learning styles of each of my children. I am a stickler, however, for finishing curriculums, but we work diligently (and with no snow days) most of our school is done in mid-May. I use the Iowa Basics to test them each year and then we go explore the great outdoors. Finally, please don’t think they never interact with other kids, they have been in church, sports, choir, and other activities in our area, but, our kids are each others best friends and we love to see the way they all play with each other and stick by and up for each other. Enough about homeschooling – please ask if you have additional questions.

What do our kids think of adopting? They love it…and it has been sooo good for them. They love including Kieren in their play which is so fun to see, but they have grown in patience and helpfulness naturally without being prompted or coerced. They are not only ready for another sibling, but they are praying for twins.

I think that covers some of the areas of concern, but we hope that if you choose us, that you will not only ask us questions now, but, if you want, through the whole life of this child. And maybe, you will let us ask you some questions that might help us understand this little one’s family history better throughout their life.

We thank you so much for considering our family. Again, we are praying for perfect clarity and peace in this decision.

Dan & Lori

Adoptive Family at a Glance

Father’s Name: Dan Mother’s Name: Lori
Occupation: Lead Programmer/ Analyst/Assistant Professor Occupation: Mom/Home Educator
Education: PhD Biomedical Engineering Education: BS in Business Administration
Religion: Christian Religion: Christian
Date of Birth: January 28, 1971 Date of Birth: June 12, 1969
Ethnicity: Caucasian Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue Eye Color: Gray
Height: 6ft 6in, medium build Height: 5ft 5in, smaller build
General Health: Healthy General Health: Healthy

Date of marriage: July 15, 1995

Children: Brin, biological, was born August 14, 1998. She is a diligent, hard-working young lady and an excellent student. She is mommy’s biggest helper.

Parker, biological, was born April 27, 2000. He is mommy’s man around the house whenever daddy is at work or away on a business trip. He loves building things with Legos in the winter and wood in the summer. He has also really taken an active interest in learning how to do computer graphics and 3D computer animation.

Tucker, biological, was born October 25, 2002. Tucker has a tender heart. He is always giving mommy lots of hugs. He also loves to build with Lego and has a knack for making all his gifts for people by hand, giving a great deal of thought to what each family member would really like.

Lilli, biological was born June 19, 2004. She is full of energy and very social. Lilli has a story or song for every occasion so her voice rings out throughout the house during the whole day. She also adores horses.

Kieren, adopted, was born March 2, 2011. Kieren is energetic and does his best to keep up with absolutely everything his brothers and sisters do. He loves throwing and kicking balls and is particularly good at it for his age. Kieren also bi-racial.

Interest and Hobbies: Our family really loves to be outside. All year around we love to hike. Of course, hiking includes time to stop and climb trees, scale rocky walls, splash in streams, and hunt for crawfish. We have a 3 acre yard with lots to do close to home also. The boys have built tree forts, rope swings, go-carts, etc. In the summer we swim in the creek in the back yard and even float about on inner tubes a bit. We have a good sized garden, which everyone helps out with, but many of the veggies get eaten before they ever make it into the house. We also like to utilize Grandma and Grandpa’s big back yard to zip across the zip line, dig trenches and build more tree forts. We also bike, camp, tube down a nearby river, 4-wheel in the corn fields, and cross-country ski. Indoors, Lori and the girls really like to bake, cook, sew and do other “crafty” things. Lori even grinds her own wheat in an attempt to provide healthier and better tasting food for her family. Dan and the boys try and conquer the “fix it” list together, but find time to carve or build their own various contraptions (like marshmallow shooters and water rockets). Dan also organizes board game nights, which involve lots of strategy and thinking.

Home: Our home is a 5 bedroom ranch style house on 3 acres in a small neighborhood in the country, but about 15 miles from a larger city.

Pets: Quin is a 5 year old Golden Doodle. He is a very laid back family dog.

Finances: We diligently monitor our finances. We have no outstanding debt other than our mortgage. Dan is committed to solely providing for the family so that Lori can be with our children full without monetary concerns. Dan and Lori also have life insurance coverage that would allow for eitherparent to stay home and finish the education of our children if one spouse were to die.

Why are you interested in building a family though adoption: God first started opening Lori’s heart to adoption when pregnant with our fourth child. A year later she developed some neck problems that don’t really affect her day to day activities, but it was suggested she not go through child birth again. This is when we had a more clear leading that we were to pursue adopting….but why would we want more than 5 children? We absolutely love our kids and they are each other’s best friends so why not have more friends? In fact, when we started praying for God to place a 6th child into our family, our kids jumped right to praying for 6 and 7. We would also really like Kieren, our adopted son, to have someone to share his “adoption experience” with.

Openness to Birth parents: Dan and Lori want to be flexible with the birthparent(s) desire for openness. We have an open relationship with Kieren’s birthparents. We would love to meet or chat on the computer with the birthparent(s) before baby is born and correspond with letters (or email) and pictures throughout the child’s life as desired by the birth parents. We are also open to face to face get togethers as works for the birthparent(s) and our family.

Childcare Plans: Lori will be at home.

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you need more information about us, or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight toll-free at 866-832-3678.