Dear Birthmother,wainscott

Hello! First, we would like to thank you for reading our profile. We appreciate, respect, and admire that you are considering an adoption plan as a way to parent your baby. We cannot pretend to understand how you feel or the circumstances you are in; however, we do have a strong feeling of compassion and gratitude for you and your situation.

We would like to share a little bit about us and what lead us to you today. We are Aaron and Katrina a fun-loving couple who like to laugh and truly enjoy each other’s company. We grew up in the same small community in Central Kentucky and all though we moved away for college we live in the same community today that we both grew-up in. As children we were not in the same circle of friends but we were later reunited and began dating soon after college graduation. We are both college graduates, Aaron from University of Kentucky and Katrina from Eastern Kentucky University. We were married in 2006 after dating for 3 years. From the very beginning we both knew we wanted children and talked about our future family often. We decided to wait a year or two before we started trying to get pregnant. We had our first child, Mady in June of 2008. She was immediately the center of our universe! She is now 5 years old and such a wonderful little person a blessing from God. When she turned 1 year old we decided to try again for her sibling. However, things didn’t happen as quickly this go-around. We saw a specialist who diagnosed us unexplained secondary infertility. There is not much you can do with that diagnosis other than try a few treatments but nothing that offered much certainty. Nothing seemed to be working but at the same time God was working on our hearts. He was softening both of our hearts for adoption! We went to classes at our church, met other families similar to ours and did lots of online researching. We both decided in November 2013 that adoption was the right way for us to grow our family. So, here we are!

Now, please allow me tell you a bit about each of us. Like I mentioned before Aaron is a graduate of UK with a BA in Accounting. He has worked as an accountant for a family owned business since he graduated in 2001. He is the biggest UK basketball and football fan I know! He loves all sports, actually. He is very close with this family especially his 3 sisters and bother-in-laws and their children. We often spend weekends with them at family cookouts or watching a sporting even at one of our homes – we all live in the same town- or on mini weekend vacations. Aaron is a wonderful, caring father to Mady. He spends his free time with Mady practicing soccer, reading with her, watching movies, playing with puzzles and letting her give him a manicure and pedicure from time to time.

I am a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a BS in Elementary Education. I currently work in human resources for a manufacturing facility and I have been there almost 7 years this summer. I am also a UK fan but probably not quite as big as Aaron. Volunteering in the community is a very important part of my life and I ‘m very active volunteering with the local United Way. I have also been a Big Sister in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters program. I enjoy reading, watching movies and reality TV shows, taking vacations and most of all spending time with my family! As a family we love reading and snuggling on the couch, cooking together and sharing a meal at home or at our favorite restaurants, making crafts or just hanging out.

Speaking of Mady, she is a busy little girl! She takes ballet and tap dance class and has since she was 2.5 years old. She also takes gymnastics class and this fall she started soccer! She is one of the sweetest, caring people I have ever met. She truly cares about other people and their feelings. She attended a great local pre-school in our community, from the time she was 2 until she started kindergarten at one of the local elementary schools this fall. She loves to have sleepovers with all of her cousins. Mady knows about our plans to grow our family through adoption and she is over the moon excited to be a big sister! Mady loves going to church every Sunday and learning more about Jesus. She is very inquisitive and it is so special to see her grow in her relationship with Him.

We live in 4 bedroom brick and vinyl siding ranch style home. Outside we have a fenced backyard to provide a safe place to play. We have three pets – Lucy Lou, our Jack Russell Terrier who is 9; Kitty, our cat, who was a stray who found us 7 years ago when we first moved into our home and our newest family member, Violet, our Golden Retriever/Lab mix who we got from a shelter 2 years ago. We live in a small, quiet neighborhood with paved sidewalks that makes our family walks with the dogs after dinner easy and safe.

We hope you feel like you know a little bit more about us after reading this letter. We would love to have the opportunity to meet you and learn more about you as well and answer any questions you have for us. We welcome an open adoption through exchanging pictures and letters and yearly visits. However, we will respect the level of openness you are comfortable with. If we are entrusted with the adoption of your baby, please know that you will always be respected and honored. There is so much we want you to know but I think most of all we want you to know that we have more than enough love for your baby. Please know you will remain in our prayers no matter what you decide.


Aaron & Katrina


Adoptive Family at a Glance

Father’s Name: Aaron Mother’s Name: Katrina
Occupation: Accountant Occupation: Human Resources Generalist
Education: BA in Accounting from UK Education: BS in Elementary Education from EKU
Religion: Christian Religion: Christian
Date of Birth: 8/25/79 Date of Birth: 5/8/79
Ethnicity: White Ethnicity: White
Hair Color: Dark Brown Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue
Height: 5’11 Height: 5’2
General Health: Good General Health: Good

Date of marriage: April 8, 2006

Children: Mady, age 5

Interests and hobbies: We like to travel, go camping, go to the zoo, aquarium, parks etc., taking family walks with our two dogs, swimming, watching and attending sporting events (especially UK), going to plays, watching movies together as a family and snuggling on the couch and being with family and friends at cook-outs, birthday parties and other events. We also love to eat! We love to cook at home or try to restaurants or visit old favorites.

Home: We own a one story brick ranch style home. We have 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with a two car garage. Our home is in a quiet part of the neighborhood with very little traffic. We have a fenced backyard for safety and privacy. We often take walks on the paved sidewalks in the neighborhood and we are close to the schools and the two local parks in the area.

Pets: Lucy – Jack Russell age 9, Violet – Golden Retriever/Lab mix age 2 and Kitty – our cat age 6.

Finances: We are a two income family. We own our home and our two cars and we have very little debt. We give to several charities every year and sponsor a child in Haiti on a monthly basis through our church. We feel we are good stewards with the money that God provides us.

Why are you interested in building your family through adoption? We both have always wanted to grow our family and have more children and after trying for a second child and discovering we would not be able to have more children God open our hearts to adoption. We feel that adoption can be a beautiful thing for everyone involved.

Openness to birthparent(s): We feel that an open adoption is the best way to make adoption work for everyone involved. We are willing to be as open as the birthparents would like to be.

Childcare plans: Katina will stay home from work for the first 12 weeks with the baby. Aaron will stay home 2 weeks. We both have the ability to work from home from time-to-time as well or to flex our schedules. After that we have a child care facility picked out that our daughter attended. It is a small facility with great child to caregiver ratios and also owned and operated by friends of the family that love Mady like she was their own child.

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you would like more information about us or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight at 866-832-3678.