Hello,Aaron and Jodee

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. Would you like your child to grow up with an uncle they can identify with? My brother Chris is adopted. Even though we are in very different points in each of our lives we find our paths crossing. We are each in a situation that we wish we could change. My husband and I have longed for a child for six years. I have a medical condition that runs in my family that makes it near to impossible to conceive. I myself am a miracle. Like you, I value unborn life and do not feel that it is right to continue trying to give birth to a baby while risking a miscarriage. Besides, our goal is to be parents, and through adoption we can love and cherish a child.

I know first hand how amazing adoption can be. As I stated earlier, my mother has the same medical condition as I do. After miscarriages and a still-born birth, my parents decided to adopt. My older brother came into their home a few years before I was born. We grew up as brother and sister, and continue to have that relationship; learning of his adoption has only brought us closer together. So as you make your decision, you can trust that adoption has already touched my life, and I have support in my parents and brother to continue on this adoption journey.

To get to know us a little more, I will tell you about our home and our lives. We just moved into our new home. It is two-story with 3 bedrooms and a great bonus room for a play area. There are several parks within walking distance of our home. We are finding that it’s not just a neighborhood; it’s a community of families. My husband is the Pastor of our church. I am a second-grade special education schoolteacher. I enjoy teaching; it is very neat to see the kids’ faces when they learn something new. We enjoy family time throughout the year doing small things together like watching a movie, or driving around looking at the beautiful scenery our area offers. We take an annual trip in July to our favorite spot in the mountains to camp, fish, ATV, and sit around the campfire with friends. We love to socialize. Our good friends that live here locally have two small children, 2 & 4, so the baby will have close friends to their age. Our lives are very full with Church and teaching, there is only one thing missing—a child.

If you select us as parents, we would be happy to send you pictures and letters to let you know what the child is doing at each age. Of course, we also want to respect your privacy and the life ahead of you. Again we want to thank you for making the brave choice to save your child and give a gift to a family that counts on selfless people like you to complete their family.

We wish you the best, whatever you decide. We know it is a difficult time in your life. We do care and are praying for you.


Aaron & Jodee

Adoptive Family at a Glance

Father’s Name: Aaron Mother’s Name: Jodee
Occupation: Pastor Occupation: 2nd Grade Special Education Teacher
Education: BS Bible, & BS Pastoral Studies Education: BS Bible, & BS Education, TESOL endorsement
Religion: Christian Religion: Christian
Date of Birth: 10/15/1986 Date of Birth: 11/11/1975
Ethnicity: Caucasian Ethnicity: Caucasian
Hair Color: Dark Brown Hair Color: Light Brown
Eye Color: Hazel/Brown Eye Color: Brown
Height: 6’1” Height: 5’11”
General Health: Excellent General Health: Very Good

Date of marriage: 6/7/2007

Children: Waiting for our first

Interest and Hobbies: Atv, Fishing, Camping, Watching Movies, Grilling, Just relaxing at home.

Home: We have recently moved into our new home. It is a 3 bed 2 bath house with an awesome bonus room that will be a huge play area for our children. The home is located in a community, and the longer we live here the more we realize it’s not just a neighborhood it is a community of families. The kids on our block are welcome into each other’s homes as they all play together. There are several parks within walking distance.

Pets: 2 dogs, Great Dane & Boston Terrier

Finances: We are financial stable and live within our means

Why are you interested in building a family though adoption: Adoption has always been in our plan. Initially we wanted to have one child of our own and adopt a second child. Jodee’s older brother is adopted and adoption holds a special place in our hearts. However, we learned that we are unable to have children naturally so adoption became our only option to have children. We are more than happy to offer a loving home and a family who understands the miracle that adoption brings.

Openness to Birth parents: Meeting with the birth parents prior to birth, sharing letters & pictures, and possibly more depending how the relationship develops. We want the birth parents to be comfortable with us and at the same time be sensitive to their needs.

Childcare Plans: Aaron is a pastor of a small church and his office is at home, so he will be a stay at home Dad and the primary care giver while Jodee is at school. When he does have to leave we have childcare setup with a family from our church that adopted both of their children.

We are represented by Nightlight Christian Adoptions. If you need more information about us, or would like to meet us, please contact Nightlight toll-free at 866-832-3678.