Pregnancy Counselor and Domestic Adoption Program Coordinator – Kentucky Office


Text or Call: anytime at (859) 533-9506

Education:I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Liberty University, Lynchburg, Virginia. I joined Love Basket in November, 2011, after being a stay at home mother for 20 years, and became a part of Nightlight when the two agencies merged in January, 2016.

Margaret’s Favorite Adoption Story:I would have to say every adoption story that I have been involved in is a favorite. Whether I’m working alongside a birth mother making an adoption plan or with a prospective adoptive family, each story is unique and beautiful. A display of God’s perfect plan. I am honored to journey with each person involved in an adoption journey.

Responsibilities:My responsibilities include counseling birth mothers/parents considering adoption. I advise prospective adoptive parents before, during and post placement; maintain relationships with referral sources, i.e. hospitals, pregnancy resource centers, health departments; participate in educating the public on adoption through seminars and support groups.
As a Christian adoption agency in Kentucky, we give the best, unbiased support that we can to women facing an unplanned pregnancy situation. I am here to assist in processing through your decision to either make an adoption plan or to parent; whatever you choose to believe the best for you and your child. All services for you, the birth parent, are free. I am here to counsel women in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Virginia and Tennessee.