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Each snowflake is frozen. We understand that each snowflake is unique. Each snowflake is a gift from heaven.

Hence the name for our embryo donation and adoption program: Snowflakes. For more than 17 years the Snowflakes team of professionals has enabled families to choose who will receive their gift of remaining embryos. They have helped fulfill the dreams of people who have yearned to hold their infant child.

Believe it or not, the miracle of giving birth to your adopted baby is possible. The Snowflakes Program makes it possible for you to adopt embryos from couples who have completed IVF treatments and have remaining embryos. These embryos are currently stored in fertility clinics and cryobanks throughout the U.S. and are waiting for a loving home. There are now more than 600,000 frozen embryos in storage in the United States, and hundreds of thousands more worldwide.

If you have remaining embryos and are interested in donating them visit our Donate or Move Your Embryos page.

Snowflakes in the Media

The Week


Jeff and Odessa Kershner wanted to add more children to their family. They had always felt the urge to adopt, so after learning that health conditions could be transmitted genetically, the couple decided to adopt.


Recently a black family shared their story about their decision to donate their embryos to another family on Hello Beautiful online.

CBN News


CBN, one of the nation’s largest faith based television networks, recently dropped by Nightlight’s California headquarters to learn more about how the Snowflakes Embryo Adoption Program is making an impact in the lives of families struggling with infertility.

CBS 4 Denver


Stories of how embryo adoption has changed lives are popping up all over the country including Colorado as a local family recently shared their inspirational journey with CBS 4 in Denver.

The Katie Show


The Big Conversation of ‘The Katie Show’ recently featured Snowflakes and the amazing story of an infertile couple who built their family with the help of embryo adoption.

The Early Show


One family’s dilemma can sometimes be another family’s solution. Such is often the case with embryo adoption as shown in a story on The Early Show on CBS.

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