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An adoption home study is a service that involves you and your social worker.

Nightlight is committed to providing you with excellent educational programs and guidance to prepare you to be knowledgeable and loving adopting parents. Our intent is to help prepare you for the special needs of an adoptee. The home study will be different for each adoption, as everyone has different histories and experiences they bring into the process. The adoption home study will take about 2-4 months to complete and will consist of education, interviews, and paperwork. If you live in California, Colorado, South Carolina, Oklahoma or Kentucky we will help you complete your home study. The process and requirements are different for each state.

Nightlight requires that any family adopting through one of our international programs have their home study completed by a Hague accredited agency, even if the adoption is from a non-Hague country. Many high-quality agencies have chosen not to seek Hague accreditation, yet we believe a home study is such an important part of the adoption process that every effort should be made to obtain home study services from agencies who have successfully met and maintain the higher standards of the Hague.

California Home Study Services
California Home Study Page includes:
California Adoption Home Study Process & FAQs
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Colorado Home Study Services
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Colorado Adoption Home Study Process & FAQs
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Oklahoma Home Study Services
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Oklahoma Adoption Home Study Process & FAQs
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Kentucky Home Study Services
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South Carolina Home Studies
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Home Study Only Services

Nightlight Christian Adoptions is delighted to provide home study only services for adopting families working with a separate adoption agency program.

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Home Studies for Americans Living Abroad

Nightlight is able to do your home study, even if you are an American living in another country. We will send a social worker to where you live!

If you are adopting with our Snowflake program, Nightlight can travel to you for the family assessment. This is a great option if you do not live near an adoption agency that can provide an embryo adoption home study. This service is available to clients throughout the US and worldwide.

Adoption Home Study Education

Nightlight Christian Adoptions is committed to having well-educated adoptive families. Adoption education does not begin with your adoption process and end with the placement of your child. Education is an ongoing process. For information about the Nightlight expectations for families completing a home study or adoption through our agency please view the following:

For embryo adoptive families, visit the Embryo Adoption Webinar page for other helpful educational resources.

Adoption Home Study Time Frame

Most home studies can be completed within two to three months. However, at times adoption home studies take longer to complete (perhaps as long as six months) because the family may take more time to gather paperwork or complete their education. Additionally, sometimes certain child abuse clearances or criminal clearances take longer to receive — especially for those adopting from a Hague country. On the other hand, sometimes there are circumstances (especially in domestic adoptions) in which a home study must be completed in a shorter period of time. Please contact our experts to discuss home study time frames in more detail.