Embryo Adoption: A Blessing for Three Families

Couples who have experienced their own baby blues and have chosen to build their families through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) may be able to bring joy to another couple’s infertility woes. Through the gift of embryo donation and adoption, couples who have completed their family building and have embryos remaining can donate those embryos to another couple facing infertility in hopes of helping them build the family they have always dreamed of. Embryo adoption offers the exciting possibility of being able to carry their adopted children and offers those children the ability to know where they came from through open adoption.

Embryo adoption agencies will seek to keep the biologically related siblings born through this process in as few families as possible. Sometimes, however, as was the case with the families in this video story, a family becomes complete with one pregnancy and the birth of twins or triplets. Finding a second adoptive family in these situations allows yet another family to experience the joys of adopting children at the earliest stages of development.

There are over 600,000 embryos remaining in frozen storage. That number continues to climb as more families are turning to assisted reproductive technologies to build their families. While embryo adoption may not be for everyone, couples who have experienced the process wish more families would consider the option. “Rather than just getting a bill from the frozen storage service every year, we will know that there is an option for them and there is a way for these children to have a chance,” says Jay White, a genetic parent who is glad that his embryos had an opportunity to experience what they were created for – Life.

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Freezing Eggs – Delaying Motherhood

pregnant-womanThis past Mother’s Day NBC Nightly News ran a short story about women delaying motherhood in America. The statics are startling:

  • From 2000-2012 the percentage of women aged 40-44 having their first baby rose 35%.
  • From 970-2012 the percentage of women over 35 having their first baby rose 900%!

One solution women are turning to is freezing their own eggs to be used later to achieve pregnancy after they have met ‘Mr. Right’. However, egg freezing can be cost prohibitive for most with an average cost of $13,000 plus annual storage fees.

Many women in America are uninformed about the fact biologically their egg supply (ovarian reserve) viability begins to rapidly diminish after the age of 30. The inability to produce healthy, viable eggs often results in reduced pregnancy rates and higher numbers of miscarriages in women over the age of 35.

For women over 40, getting pregnant is only half the battle as miscarriage rates over 40 are 50% and rise quickly with each passing year.

Embryo adoption may be choice worth considering for those who have delayed marriage or pregnancy. There are over 600,000 embryos in frozen storage in the United States and each year more people choose to donate their remaining embryos from IVF to another family.

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Oldest Snowflake Meets Newest Snowflake

Hannah and Ruth LawsonIn July 2014 an extraordinary event took place. Hannah Strege and her family were vacationing and were able to meet Tim and Ruth Lawson. The unusual part of their meeting is Hannah is the very FIRST baby born as a result of embryo adoption and Ruth is carrying the NEXT almost-ready-to-be-born Snowflake baby! Baby Lawson will be Snowflake #380!

Both of these ladies are rejoicing in the new life that is preparing to come in to the world!

For families with remaining embryos, embryo adoption allows them to choose life for embryos that may otherwise remain frozen or be destroyed. Embryo adoption allows the family to choose the family who will adopt their remaining embryos and give birth to their adopted child.

Embryo adoption is an amazing, unique and wonderful option available to help families trying to decide what to do with their remaining embryos AND give those embryos the opportunity to live the lives they were created for!

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Supporting the Children in Families First Act

CHIFFNightlight, the National Council for Adoption and children all around the world need your help.

The Children in Families First Act is a congressional effort to make change for children all over the world. It would improve the way intercountry adoption works – leaving less children languishing and moving more families towards thriving. It would also provide much needed attention to ensuring diplomatic and programmatic assistance is given so that children all over the world can thrive in the full spectrum of family care settings.

Congress will soon leave Washington for summer recess, leaving us with just enough time to make our voices known on Capitol Hill, move CHIFF out of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and onto the floor for a vote.

Here’s exactly how you can help, starting right now through this Friday (June 23 – June 27):

1. Send these two attached documents (What is CHIFF and Action Plan) to your staff, supporters, families, clients, and friends and;
a. Ask them to take the steps listed in the Action Plan
b. Ask them to send What is CHIFF and Action Plan to their networks and friends
2. Execute the Action Plan yourself, giving special attention to your efforts on social media
3. Post your activities to the CHIFF Facebook page

The Impact of Snowflakes Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption is certainly a new and sometime unknown adoption choice for families, but the good news is spreading quickly. The infografic below shows small glimpse into the impact the Snowflakes Program and embryo adoption are having around the country.

Could embryo adoption be the adoption option you’ve been searching for? Learn more at Snowflakes.org.

NL in the media

Nightlight Foster Adoption Family Tells Their Foster Adoption Journey

Foster Family- CrainBy Kate Crain, Foster Adoptive Parent with Nightlight Christian Adoptions

We thought raising four boys aged 15-23 gave us a good handle on parenting. With more time on our hands, now seemed like a great time to fulfill our dream of adopting. The Adoption Exchange website brought to life the children who are so often hidden within our society. Our boys vetoed the idea of another brother, so we began our girl search. And that idea of knowing how to parent? My best friend, a therapist in Texas who adopted her three children, convinced me otherwise! “You are awesome parents… but learn as much as you can and call me anytime!”

An 11-year-old girl seemed to speak to us through her video. She was asked what she wants in a fam-ily. “A mom and a dad,” she replied quietly. Nightlight expedited our home study and we became a certified fos-ter home within 6 weeks after training. Our dream was becoming a reality, but we certainly did have so much to learn!

Reading books on traumatized children became our past-time. We interviewed psychiatrists and thera-pists who specialize in the needs of foster children, and evenings were filled with Karyn Purvis videos. Multiple placements during the past five years meant she had endured much change, multiple parenting styles and in-consistencies in life. We quickly learned that more important than knowing all the answers is surrounding your-self with people who can help you find them. Our new therapist Debbie met with us twice in preparation to meet our daughter for the first time, and advice from Nightlight, caseworkers and my best friend proved invaluable.

Our first meeting was heaven! Five weeks later she was placed in our home, and we thought, “This is smooth sailing, we are really good at this!” She was affectionate and loving, though she more readily bonded with me. Even though we saw no oppositional or emotionally challenging behavior, we all saw Debbie weekly for support. The “Honeymoon Phase” is what they call it, and we got a month. How thankful we were for that basis of trust that was built between she, our therapist and us over those first four weeks. And even though our life has become much more difficult in many respects, the love that is blossoming is truly a gift from God.

A friend who is also the father of boys and in the process of adopting a girl told me that others say they don’t “get it.” Why would someone with a seemingly perfect family delve into adopting an older child? And he tells them, “You don’t have to get it, because I do.” If more people “got it” there wouldn’t be any children without families.

She has now been with us three months, and it will take much longer than that to soothe the hurts she has endured. But it is something we will do together. With love, laughter, tears and prayer. I’ve learned not to be so quick to judge, as now we have the child who at a tall age 11 occasionally behaves much younger in public. I bear defiance and anger that I know is subconsciously directed at events long ago. But more importantly, I close my eyes and envision a beautiful, confident young woman, the woman I know God has destined her to be. One who will achieve her dreams with that “mom and dad,” and a bonus four brothers beside her… loving, sup-porting and believing in her. Forever.

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picnicSummer Reunion Picnic coming soon to Hart Park in Orange, CA.  All adoptive families and those considering adoption are welcome.  Saturday, July 12 from 11am to 3pm.  Register here.

Why Should I Consider Foster Adoption?

Are you considering Foster Adoption? There are so many questions families have regarding adopting a child from foster care. The infographic below gives a wealth of information regarding the children available from foster care! You will also get a general sense of what types of families are needed to help these little ones! So take a moment to view the information below, and reflect on how you can help these children find forever families!

If you are interested in more information visit our Fostering Love Adoption Program page or please contact Amber Voelker at amber@nightlight.org or at 970-663-5501!

You gotta be crazy to adopt from foster care
Source: creatingafamily.org

Nightlight on the Dr. Phil Show

This past Friday, April 25th, Nightlight Christian Adoptions’ Executive Director Daniel Nehrbass was a guest on the Dr. Phil Show, delivering some much needed good news to a couple caught up in the middle of a domestic adoption scam.

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Why use an Adoption Agency?

The Role of Facilitators in Adoption
The National Council for Adoption released an article explaining why prospective adoptive parents should use an adoption agency, rather than a facilitator.  Here is a preview: “Today, many expectant parents considering adoption connect with prospective adoptive parents through out-of-state entities—or facilitators—that they find online. Too often, these entities are unlicensed and unregulated intermediaries; they act as matchmakers only, not full-service agencies. The expectant parents receive no face-to-face counseling, and may not be apprised of the laws in their state or the state where the prospective adoptive parents reside. When the child is born, there is often a scramble to locate an adoption attorney or licensed adoption agency representative who can then meet with the expectant parent(s) for the first time and begin the counseling and legal processes; these vital services must be outsourced, because the independent facilitator is not licensed in their state and is therefore legally unable to provide these services.”  Read the rest of the article here.