You have a wonderful opportunity to make a decision that will affect you and your baby in a very positive way. If you decide to place your child for adoption, you are taking a positive step. Adoption is a loving, selfless way for you to provide for the protection, training, and loving care of your child when your own circumstances may not make that possible.

As you begin to use this website to look at potential adopting parent profiles, remember that these couples have all been screened and have taken parenting classes to help prepare them for the responsibility of parenting. You may want to make a list of qualities that are important to you when considering an adopting family. For example, religious beliefs, whether or not the adopting mother will work outside of the home, or if there are already other children in the family.

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Not all Nightlight approved waiting families are shown on this page. To see the profiles of more families waiting to adopt, please contact Nightlight.

If you have any questions, or would like further information on any of these families, please do not hesitate to use our contact form or text or call us at (864) 275-1682 or call (888) 933-2237 (toll-free).


Dear Birth Parent, Hello, we are so happy that you are reading our letter and appreciate your decision for choosing adoption for your baby. My husband and I admire the amazing strength and courage it took for you to get … Read More

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Hello~ Thank you so much for taking time to read about our family as you make very difficult decisions about your and your child’s future. Our names are Wade and Barbara, and our two wonderful sons are Davis and Kyle. … Read More

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Dear Expectant Mother, You have made an amazing choice to give life to this baby. Our hearts are full when we think of how you have chosen to bless the world (and perhaps us) through the baby you are carrying. … Read More

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Hi we are Pete and Cindy, we have been married for 8 years. While you find yourself in an unplanned pregnancy, we find ourselves being unable to start a family on our own. We have tried for five years and have … Read More

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Hello, Our names are Kyle and Melissa. As you know, we are hoping to add a child to our family through the miracle of adoption. As a couple that tried unsuccessfully to overcome infertility, we came to realize that infertility … Read More

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Dear Expectant Parent(s), We as a family are truly blessed to be writing you this letter. You and I have very different circumstances but our circumstances are very much the same. You have an unplanned pregnancy, yet you love the … Read More

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